Introducing PodCon! December 9-10, 2017

PodCon is the result of conversations between these five people:

  • Hank Green (who has run a bunch of conferences and conventions)
  • Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor (who created Welcome to Night Vale)
  • Travis & Justin McElroy (who produce more podcasts than any other known humans)

We wanted there to be a place where people got together to really just /get into/ podcasts together for a couple days. That’s going to include discussions of what is oh-so-right about podcasts, but also some of the issues we have to face. It’s going to include live performances and mashed-up podcasts. It’s going to feature podcasters from tons of genres including fiction, news, science, comedy, drama, crime, interview and more.

We just love this stuff, and we want to celebrate it.

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